I have had advice and help from Nathalie on a number of occasions, mostly for homeopathic treatment and she has always been able to help me with whatever I presented at the time.

Nathalie always handles every new case with compassion, empathy and her knowledge of the homeopathic field inspires confidence and trust. I recently was prescribed Australian Bush Flower remedies. My case was really quite acute, and Nathalie helped me significantly with a long-standing issue dealing with loss and anxiety.

I can vouch for the efficacy of both homeopathic treatments and Bush Flower remedies in treating underlying or existing conditions in a natural and non invasive way. Nathalie is naturally empathic, and it is her understanding of the female emotional state that enables her to effectively treat clients with a variety of emotionally driven conditions as well as general complaints.


Homoeopathy works on an individual basis that is exactly how Nathalie worked with me. She took time to understand me my background, history and the issues I was having and how I got there. She showed patience, compassion, experience and a high level of understanding without passing judgement. Where necessary she would ask for clarification gently but without prying. I always felt comfortable, heard and that I could trust her with everything I shared.

Nathalie was able to support my coming off certain medications without experiencing side effects. She re-evaluated my prescription with each session and dispensed suitable tinctures. These were always sent out promptly in the post with clear instructions on dose and how to take them. She always checked in to see if I had received them and how I was feeling between appointments. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


I was treated by Nathalie for a variety of emotional and health problems including poor immunity.

I found her gentle and empathetic approach extremely effective and can safely say the specially tailored treatment that she gave me with the homeopathic remedies and tinctures contributed towards a notable shift in my circumstances.

Her patience and instinctive ability to get to the route of the problem enabled me to move forward in my life with clarity and ease and with the knowledge that Nathalie was always there for me when I needed her.

I would not hesitate to recommend Nathalie’s style of treatment which is so unique to her and embodies all her passions in this particular field.